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Infrastructure Asset Management

AGAK provides comprehensive Infrastructure Asset Management services in compliance with the Generally Recognised Accounting Principles (GRAP 17) Property, Plant & Equipment. AGAK Consulting Engineers uses its ROMDAS and IMQS equipment to collect most of its field data. AGAK Consulting develops Asset Management Policies and Asset Management Programmes to assist different Municipalities in future development and Planning of their infrastructure as well as maintenance programmes.

Our services include:

  • Condition assessment of infrastructure (including water supply, sanitation, roads, storm water, electricity and community services) in line with GRAP 17 or Internationally Acceptable Standards
  • Preparation of Comprehensive Infrastructure Asset Registers (IAR)
  • Review and determine the Remaining Useful Lives of infrastructure assets
  • Valuation of the infrastructure assets and depreciation
  • Mapping of infrastructure onto Geographical Information System
  • Development of Asset Management Strategies
  • Assessment of Operational and Maintenance Records
  • Development and monitor of Infrastructure Maintenance Plans